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This page and contents is intended for staff within Army West Point Athletics at the United States Military Academy. All download assets are located at the bottom portion of this page.

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Brand Identity Document PDF

For a full extended outline of the Army West Point brand identity guidelines, click the download link below.

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Army West Point Athletics Brand

What are the elements that make up our brand identity? The words you choose. The type you use. The colors, graphics, and imagery you display. A unique and iconic primary logo. These key building blocks tell the visual story of Army West Point Athletics.

We’ve created the building blocks for communicating Army West Point Athletics Brand Identity in a unified, consistent way. Comprised of core elements including logo, color and typography, as well as extended expressions including treatments and textures, this wide range of tools is designed to be flexible and expandable.

Primary Logo Identity 101


The shield is one of the earliest symbols of the Nation and the Academy. The Great Seal of the United States, first used in 1782, features a shield that looks like the American flag with no stars. The shield is among West Point’s most potent symbols for it represents the mission of the U.S. Army to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies.

Pallas Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, just war, skill and justice. Classically, Athena is portrayed wearing armor with her Corinthian helmet raised high on the forehead. The helmet faces dexter, Latin for “right” from the viewpoint of the bearer of the shield, as opposed to sinister. The dexter side is considered the side of greater honor. There are thirteen segments that connect the helmet and the plume. These reference the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and became the first states in the Union.


The sword, or Xiphos, is a double-edged, single-hand sword used by the ancient Greeks. The sword symbolizes the scholar-warrior and signifies protection, righteousness and justice. While the original 1898 USMA crest has the sword sheathed, the sword for the primary identity is unsheathed to allow the viewer to see the martial elements of Army West Point, the warrior spirit, more clearly.

It represents the connection to the U.S. Army and its storied past. During World War II, every tank, truck, and airplane in the U.S. Army sported a star as they fought to victory in Europe and the Pacific. The star also represents the connection to the American people as there are 50 stars on the American flag. The Athena Shield is the primary representation of the Army West Point Athletics Brand and is used as the main identifying device for athletics. Reinforcement of the primary identity will build equity in Army West Point Athletics. In primary or secondary colors, the Athena Shield works well across all media. With a flexible approach to palettes and logo staging, the logo now comes alive with renewed spark and energy.

Brand Attributes & Key Messages

Brand Attributes

Brand attributes  are a set of characteristics that represent the essence of a brand. These attributes identify personality traits and serve as a filter for all the components of an identity system. When you experience the Army West Point Athletics Brand, we want you to be reminded of:

  • Duty
  • Honor 
  • Country
  • Service
  • United
  • Integrity
  • Fight

Preeminent leadership institution in the world with top-level NCAA Division I athletics.

  • The number one priority at Army West Point is to develop leaders who are prepared to fight and win our nation’s wars.
  • Key Words: Leadership, Leader, Trust, Accountability, Passion, Integrity, and Empathy.

Excellence in everything we do.

  • Helping our cadets internalize that winning spirit and quest for excellence.
  • When you attain excellence, success just naturally follows.
  • Winning is an idea of committing to excellence and playing to the upper levels of one's potential.
  • Key Words: Excellence and Preparation

Develop certain attributes important for future leaders.

  • Competing on the fields of friendly strife gives the cadets a first-hand experience at preparing to win on the battlefield.
  • Athletics instills tenacity, resilience, discipline, mental and physical toughness, and the desire to excel.
  • Grit and the ability to persevere are the same traits that build winning platoon leaders and company commanders when our cadets graduate.
  • Key Words: Fight, Grit, Tenacity, Resilience, Discipline and Toughness.

Winning culture in accordance with our values.

  • Accomplish the mission and win.
  • Fight until the battle is won.
  • Run towards the fight.
  • Key Words: Win, Victory, and Sing Second.

Army West Point Athletes are Warrior-Scholars.

  • Army represents warrior and West Point represents scholar.
  • Coming together as one to outsmart our opponents.
  • Key Words: Warrior, Scholar, Cadet-Athlete.

Rich tradition that extends back to the birth of our nation.

  • Reach into the future, yet never neglect the past.
  • The Long Gray Line.
  • Key Words: Duty, Honor, Country.

Licensing 101

Q - What is a Trademark

A trademark may be a word, symbol, design, or a combination of a word and design, a catch phrase or even a unique sound, which identifies and distinguishes the goods or services of one party from those of another.

Why Use Licensed Vendors?

• Our policy requires that Army West Point-branded items be purchased from licensed vendors.

• Using a licensed vendor protects the Academy from product liability concerns.

• Use of licensed vendors ensures that Army West Point logos will be used correctly.

• Licensed vendors have access to Army West Point’s logos and artwork.

• There are already nearly 30, including many that are Army-based, approved "internal use" vendors ready and willing to service Army West Point Athletics.

Click to Download PDF Guide

What items need approval?

• Any items bearing the Academy’s name, nickname, seal, mark or logotype must have the approval through licensing. This includes items for resale and giveaways, which also includes all ash stores.

• All uses of the shield and Army West Point need a (R) and only the classic A logo should have a (TM).

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What Steps Do I Take?

• Find a licensed vendor. Contact Rich (Rich.Demarco@USMA.EDU) if you are unable to find one.

• Work on the design with the vendor.

• The vendor will submit the artwork to licensing for approval.

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Flash store Regulations

• Flash stores are intended for orders from members of the team, families, coaches and alumni.

• All outreach for the ash store should come from the team, and not the vendor.

• Flash stores CANNOT be used as a team fundraiser, and no mention of fundraiser should be mentioned in any correspondence about the store.

• Flash stores CANNOT be promoted through social media.

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Vendor Pocs

• Authentically American: or

• Boathouse Sports: or 1.800.875.1883.

• BSN: or 1.800.749.3813.

• Promoversity: or 1.877.737.7137.

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Questions? Contact Rich Demarco

• For general trademarks and licensing inquiries, please contact:

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